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Best Employee Handbook Translation Services

imployee handbook translation

Even more than a computer, smartphone, Square reader, or even the latest accounting software, one of the most important tools you can have as a business owner is an employee handbook.

What is an employee handbook? In short, it’s typically a short, printed booklet that contains an overview of your company’s standard operating procedures, your expectations, and the legal obligations of both parties.

What is the purpose of having an employee handbook?

Employee handbooks are a crucial tool for communication between you and your employees, as it helps establish not only your expectations for your employees, but also helps to describe what your employees in turn can then expect from you and your company as well. Employee handbooks are also an excellent way to help you outline any legal obligations you have to your employees, as well as their legal rights.

No matter whether you are a small business owner or you represent a large, multi-national corporation, if you have even one employee then an employee handbook is a crucial tool for describing this important information and keeping their work consistent!

Consult the WikiPedia entry on employee handbooks for a more detailed overview of their benefit and what they can contain.

Why is it important to have an employee handbook?

Employee handbooks are a great way to protect the rights not only of you as an employer, but of your employees as well, in whom you trust to make your business a success.

Having an employee handbook will help you both in instilling the importance of various policies amongst you employees. Without it, you are relying on your employees’ memories to remember what that is expected of them in the workplace. If an issue arises where an employee needs to be reprimanded or even fired for any reason, having policies in writing and available to each employee from the first day they employed is a good way to cover yourself and ensure that you don’t need to rely on hearsay should an issue, legal or otherwise, arise.

Legal resources such as NOLO can help you know what laws apply to your business and what legal information you should make available for your employees, such as this guide on legal obligations for meal and rest breaks.

Why should I translate my employee handbook?

Modern technology has allowed even small companies to expand sales and services overseas, and if you ever need to hire an employee or contractor to help with sales, marketing, or other issues in foreign markets, having your employee handbook available in his or her native language will be a big step in bridging the communication gap and let them know how your company operates, as business culture varies greatly from country to country.

Additionally, if you live in a major city or other area with a large immigrant population, chances are there are a lot of individuals from all around the world seeking employment at your doorstep, and if you aren’t able to articulate rules, laws, and expectations clearly, any employee who doesn’t speak your language natively may have a hard time meeting your expectations and fitting in with your company’s culture.

Finally, having your employee handbook available in an employee’s native language is simply a good morale booster. By letting your employees know that you’re willing to reach out to them, they’ll be more willing to come to you with questions and address small problems before they have the chance to become big issues that cost you time and money.

Are employee handbooks required by law?

Employee handbooks are typically not mandated by law, however having one can still provide some solid legal ground to stand on by providing information on minimum wage, meals and breaks, overtime pay, jury duty, and other legal obligations you may be required to uphold by state or federal laws. Since employee handbooks provide a set of rules and guidelines for how you handle various issues in your workplace, having an employee handbook is definitely in your own best interest.

What’s in an employee handbook?

Some information you may want to include in your employee handbook may include:

  • Your company’s mission statement
  • Important information on your company’s policies on to business processes
  • Your expectations of your employees
  • Performance and organizational standards
  • Policies and laws on pay, breaks, and vacations or other time off

For a good resource on writing yor employee handbook, consult this guide from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

How can I translate my employee handbook?

While you may think writing an employee handbook is challenging, employee handbook translation is easy!

If you have completed employee handbook in PDF, DOC, RTF, QXD, INDD, or any other popular format, just fill out our simple quote request form and attach the file! Our translators and project coordinators can work with most major formats and help not only convert your text from one language to another, but make sure that it fits your design and layout in a way that’s consistent and pleasing to the eye.

Once we have your document, a friendly representative will be in touch with you soon after to go over any questions you may have on pricing, formatting, or any other topic! Visit our employee handbook translation page for more information.

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